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The "school" (escoleta) in Cerdanyola

In Un món màgic we have one ideal: "Another kind of education is possible". Because of that we have two clearly differentiated functions: on the one hand, a space (escoleta) for children up to 3 years; on the other, a space in which families can acquire knowledge and share experiences related to motherhood and share unique and special moments with their children.


The stage of childhood is the basis for the development of children. For this reason in Un món màgic we have a priority: few children per educator. In fact we have about a 50% fewer children per educator than in traditional nursery schools. In this way we are able to give not only a personalized treatment for the children, but also for the families. Can you imagine that an educator would have 20 children in the same class (that high number is the ratio for groups between two and three years in traditional nursery schools according to article 12 of decree 282/2006, of July 4)? And what about dedicating the necessary and adequate time to the families? From our point of view it is impossible.

By decreasing the number of students per educator we are able to cover in an exceptional way their physical, emotional, intellectual and social needs, using an alternative pedagogy based on mutual respect, education in values and a project based on playing. Why have a child sitting on a chair for hours when their need is to move, explore and relate to their mates? In this way we make the children happy, a state in which an optimal level of learning is achieved.

The role of educators is to motivate children and allow them to satisfy their curiosity and experience the pleasure of discovering. It is also important to note that each child will mark his own learning step. All children are different, so you can not expect everyone to do the same. In this type of free education, a broad educational experience is extremely important.

The activities that are carried out are very varied: stories, symbolic play, heuristic play, psychomotricity, plastic expression and, one of the most difficult but most rewarding, sensory and experimental activities.


In addition, we are in a society in which English is very important. For this reason we have decided to collaborate with Kids&us, an English academy whose career began in 2003.

Our decision to collaborate with Kids&us is based solely and exclusively on its methodology and experience. No doubt, they opened the way for English academies in children from 1 year of age, so we consider their experience in this area essential when choosing who we want to offer English to our children.

Its learning methodology is based on the natural process of mother tongue acquisition, a process that takes place in a specific, natural and spontaneous order. For this reason, from September 2019, Un món màgic and Kids&us team up to offer English on our center.

For us it is very important that both your children and yourselves get involved with us so that we can all make them learn many things and, especially, that they feel loved and happy. Without collaboration we can not achieve it. That is why we want you to propose ideas, so that we can make them reality together with you.

In order to achieve all these goals, the facilities of Un món màgic have been specially designed and built for it. It is 360m2 on a single floor in which there are many different spaces and in which the dynamism throughout each day plays a very important role. Each space is a world and children can change the world with just a few steps. This process is daily, since we change from one world to another according to the activities that are realized during the day.

In addition, we are proud to say that in 2015, the year of the birth of Un món màgic, we created the first sensory classroom of Cerdanyola after the sad disappearance of the daycare "La Gespa" , located in the Autonomous University. Our memory to this fantastic "Laboratory of Hypatia", cradle of what today is our sensory classroom.

School tickets:

In addition, we have an agreement with the three most important Ticketing companies for the payment of school fees in our school. These three companies are Sodexo, Edenred and Up Spain Educainfantil.

Ticketing companies

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The best way to make children feel good is to make them happy.