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In life there are always complicated moments, whether professional or personal. A few months after starting this project, we suffer one of those complicated moments that nobody likes to live. One of those moments that you never expect to happen in the educational world, a world in which we believe that professional ethics must be a duty and not a right. Surprises like the following video helped us to know that we were on the right way and that our families would always be there, supporting our project and trusting us. A gift of this size is priceless.

If you cannot watch the video, please use this link: Reviews

It is wonderful to know that you leave a mark on families, who are able to waste their time in front of a camera to thank you for what you are doing or what you did some day, even though 10 years have passed and that family lives at 10,000km.

And that's not all. Every year we receive thanks from families. Do you want to meet the parents of Eidan?