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Social responsibility

Can we bring up children to have values without demonstrating and performing them ourselves? In Un món màgic we think not. We must preach by example, and on issues of social responsibilities even more so.

Big companies can influence a lot through their corporate social responsibility programs. Even though we are small, when everybody contributes, we can achieve a great change.

We have reached a collaboration agreement with "Fundación SEUR" in its project "Tapones para una nueva vida"(R).

What are the objectives of this project?

  • To help children with no resources to access special medical treatments that are not provided by Social Security in order to improve their quality of life through the recycling of plastic tops.
  • To provide children without resources, orthopedic devices by recycling plastic caps.
  • Encourage and sensitize companies, agencies, and people in general to collaborate through their actions to carry out an easy, but important social action.
  • Invite society to recycle and take care of the environment by the simple gesture of storing plastic stoppers instead of throwing them away.
  • Promoting social and environmental actions.

Our part consists of collecting the largest number of plastic plugs, which are then delivered to "Fundación SEUR". They carry all the stoppers collected by their associates to a recycling plant, which pays them an amount of money for the millions of plastic tops.

Collection of plugs in Cerdanyola

A child without education, is like a bird without wings.