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Maternity and parenting space in Cerdanyola

The moment to be a parent is the happiest time of your life. But that happiness is accompanied by a lot of responsibility and great changes in the family. Changes in habits, feeling of loss of time since the arrival of the baby, family and social pressure, nerves, sleepless nights, colic and so many adversities that appear throughout the first years of life of children.

We have just seen the point of view of the parents ... But, what about the situation of the baby? After being 9 months in the womb of the mother, in perfect union with her, with a feeling of complete protection. Then the baby has to leave this safe place and open his/her eyes into a completely new world in which everything could be dangerous. There is only one way of being understood: crying, and trusting the parents.

There will also appear the nerves of having to leave our children with strangers because we have to go back to work, the fears will come every time they get sick, doubts will appear as to what to feed them, the tantrums will come, both inside and outside home, something that parents worry about and so many times they stop doing things, which affects the family unit.

In the maternity space we will be doing talks, workshops and family activities in order to achieve, from their birth, a knowledge, a connection and a special link between parents and children.

Infant massage course (5 sessions)

With the importance of having the support of AEMI (Spanish Association of Infant Massage) and IAIM (International Association of Infant Massage) and with the collaboration of the same Instructor of Infant Massage,

throughout the year we will do infant massage courses. If you are interested, contact us: we can open a group at any time. With the infant massage we:

  • Promote the bond with our babies.
  • Stimulate the circulatory, digestive and respiratory systems, among others.
  • Help the babies against colic, constipation and muscle tension.
  • Improve sleep patterns and reduce stress levels.

Talks and workshops

Pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, upbringing ... all these issues and many more will be dealt with by the best specialists in each area. We will talk about BLW, respectful sleep, foot reflexology, tantrums ... and many more.

You learn what 100 meters are by playing, by running and by feeling tired at the end of it.